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Photography has been used a few times in video games, as players have put themselves in the shoes of different photographers and journalists over the years. This introduced a new gameplay mechanic that focused on using a camera instead of a weapon in some cases. Gamers then had the chance to capture some great photography in video games.

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Horror video games like fatal frame and Survive to passionately worked cameras and camcorders into the gameplay. However, the actual shots were more terrifying than beautiful for some fans. Luckily, there are a number of video games that focus on the in-game camera or include an awesome photo mode for fans to explore their inner photographer.

ten Players participated in an ecological survey to take photos and create a photodex in the new Pokémon Snap

fans of the Pokemon franchise received a new way to enjoy the game in 1999 Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo 64. Playing as a Pokémon photographer named Todd Snap, players traveled through lush and beautiful islands to snap photos of the pocket monsters.

A sequence called New Pokemon Snap was released in 2021 on the Nintendo Switch. New Pokemon Snap had a similar premise to the original game but featured next-gen graphics and even more Pokemon to capture in stunning photos.

9 Reporter Discovered Photographic Evidence of Alien Conspiracy in Beyond Good & Evil

Fan favorite Beyond good and evil was released in 2003 and introduced fans to a journalist and photojournalist named Jade. She joined an organization to investigate a murderous plot threatening her home planet. Players worked on a number of in-game Photo Missions to help uncover the truth.

Players had to maneuver Jade into safe spots with a clear view in order to get the shots undetected. Beyond Good and Evil was celebrated for its moving story and creative gameplay. However, the ability to photograph alien wildlife also stood out to fans.

8 Players played as a photojournalist documenting a secret zombie outbreak in Dead Rising

Each player will have their own idea of ​​beauty when it comes to photography. 2006 dead risen was a perfect example of finding beauty in horror, as players step into the shoes of photojournalist Frank West during a zombie outbreak. The beginning of the game focused on preparing players to use the camera by capturing spectacular action shots of explosions and zombie attacks.

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Once inside the mall where the game actually takes place, there were plenty of chances to continue capturing the outbreak. In-game missions and spectacular photo opportunities helped Frank progress. Different genres of photos were presented and it was possible to capture some truly unique images that could be explored further at any time.

A camera has featured in a number of Solid metal gear games when the franchise moved to 3D. The camera was often touted as a bonus or hidden feature that players could completely miss. However, games like Solid Metal Gear 2 and 3 used the camera for in-game missions. Metal Gear Solid 4: Weapons of the Patriots can be played without the camera,

However, players could access a unique photoshoot if found. After defeating the B&B Corps, the villains would discard their robotic suits. If players waited long enough, they would be transported to a new area where villains would pose for the camera in a timed session. It was just one of many things to MSG it wouldn’t work in the movie.

6 Players controlled a photography student who could change the time to take key photos in Life Is Strange

The shot life is strange The franchise began in 2015 with a series of episodic adventures with a focus on photography. Playing as a journalism student named Maxine “Max” Caulfield, capturing photos played a key role in the game. However, the game featured an added twist due to Max’s unique ability to travel back in time and making choices that had devastating consequences.

This allowed players to manipulate events and capture new photos in order to reveal clues, solve puzzles, and help unravel the mystery of the game. Sequels introduced new protagonists with their own abilities, but no have never quite replicated the use of photography in the first game.

5 BioShock used a camera mechanic to study and research enemies that appeared in-game

Players exploring the mysterious underwater city of Rapture in the 2007s BioShock were able to add a special research camera to their inventory that functioned much like a weapon. Taking pictures did no damage to the various enemies encountered throughout the city. However, information about the subject of the photo could be unlocked.

If enough well shots of enemies like Splicers and Big Brothers were taken, players would receive rewards or damage buffs that made destroying them a bit easier. The unique nature of the people of Rapture and the design of the town made the photos stand out. They may also have led to some BioShock theories that really make sense.

4 Afrika was a safari simulator that focused on taking pictures of African wildlife to earn money

The safari simulator Africa was released on Playstation 3 in 2008 and took gamers on tour across Africa. Photo missions were completed by playing as a photojournalist on a safari. Successful photos of requested animals earned money to improve camera equipment and game features.

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There were different ways to travel across Africa that gave players the opportunity to capture different types of beautiful photos featuring amazing wildlife. These photos would ultimately unlock real African wildlife images and footage for fans to enjoy in-game as well.

3 Uncharted 4 had an amazing photo mode that allowed players to set up jaw-dropping images

Success Unexplored the franchise did not feature a photo mode until fan demand resulted in the addition of a for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The photo mode was later included in the remastered version of The Nathan Drake Collection.

While not the most photo-friendly mode, it still allowed players to take photos of some of the great places Drake visited throughout the series of games. The underrated entry Uncharted: The Lost Legacy further expanded the photo mode by allowing players to change characters’ expressions after taking the photo.

Peter Parker’s main job in comics and movies was as a photographer for the daily bugle, which has made its way into a few games to some extent. 2007 Spiderman 3 featured a photography mini-game where players had to collect snaps for Robbie Robertson at the Buglealthough they were not always the most dynamic.

Fortunately, Marvel’s Spiderman on PS4 used Peter’s photography skills in a stunning new way. Players were able to use the in-game camera phone to capture jaw-dropping images of the well-designed Manhattan. Spider-Man could also take some nice selfies while swinging around the city that could be shared among fans.

1 Red Dead Redemption II had an amazing photo mode that allowed players to capture stunning views

Rockstar Games may have given gamers a chance to live the life of a paparazzi in Grand Theft Auto V, although it’s not the studio’s best example of fine photography. This honor goes to Red Dead Redemption IIwhich featured a well-designed photo mode.

Players were able to capture some of the stunning sights seen in-game from different vantage points and share them online. One of the best inclusions in the hit sequel was the ability to capture vintage selfies of the western protagonists. This created a lot of anticipation for a potential red death 3 (or Rockstar’s other bigger one GTA6).


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