Aeroglyph: Illuminated symbols hover above the horizon in new light drawings by Reuben Wu


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#drones #Lake Michigan #lakes #long exposure #oceans

August 24, 2018

Kate Sierzputowski

Ruben Wu (previously) uses long exposure techniques to capture light trails formed by a moving drone equipped with a lighting bench. In his final group of images, the paths create luminous symbols such as a square, a plus sign and a triangle from straight, narrow lines. The shapes hover just above the horizon with an abstract reflection cast in the water below. “The name of the project Aeroglyph describes what I see as large temporary geometries created in the airWu tells Colossal, “visible only in their entirety through camera capture.”

The project is an evolution of his current project Lux Noctis series that focuses on specific light paths, rather than entire illuminated landscapes. “That’s why I chose a large, featureless body of water, where there are no other compositional elements other than a horizon and a textural reflection in the water,” says Wu. The plus and minus symbols were shot over the Pacific Ocean at night, while the square and triangle were captured over the bright blue waters of Lake Michigan.

The book by Chicago-based photographer Lux Noctis will be released in October and is currently available for pre-order through Kris Graves Projects. You can see more pictures of Wu on his website and instagram.

#drones #Lake Michigan #lakes #long exposure #oceans

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