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JaDee Feist is an elder at Bishop Ryan Catholic School, who is graduating this year, taking with her her love of photography and art.

Feist has been in the art all of his life. She said her father loved to draw and that she inherited his interest from watching him. When she drew in elementary school, they looked like cartoon characters. With more practice and taking drawing lessons in school, she improved exponentially. Now his designs look so realistic that they can be mistaken for a black and white photograph.

Now drawing is something she does in her spare time. She only uses graphite to draw, and the only thing she draws are animals, with the exception of the occasional motocross scene. Shading is an important factor in realistic designs, creating depth and texture.

“Now that I’ve taken an advanced art class,” Feist said, “I like realistic drawings better.”

In 2016, she got into digital photography when she requested a Canon T5 Rebel camera for Christmas. She started by taking pictures of her horses. His subjects turned into motocross images when his younger brother, Gage Feist, started racing. She entered racing last year, from a 2019 Yamaha YZ250F, bearing race number 211.

JaDee Feist drew her brother Gage Feist on his mountain bike.

Feist was invited to take photos of the 2019 North Dakota Motocross Association Trophy Ceremony at the Seven Seas Hotel in Mandan, and they paid her for her work.

During the winter months, she mainly only takes pictures of her horses. Her brother also rode indoor motocross in South Dakota, which she also captured.

Over time, she bought and experimented with different lenses, but the camera is still the same. If family or friends needed pictures, Feist would do it for them.

His photos were printed on canvas and stretched over wooden frames. If she really likes one of her photos, she’ll print it out and hang it in her bedroom, a good chunk of them being horses. However, it has an entire wall designated for motocross photos.

The largest canvas print Feist has made is of a wild buffalo and hangs in his aunt’s hallway. Others she has printed are from Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

JaDee Feist took a photo of her brother Gage Feist while he was in the air on his dirt bike.

The only place she posts much of her art is on her Instagram page.

She will be graduating from Bishop Ryan Catholic School this month. Her future plans are to go to North Dakota State University in Fargo this fall to become a vet tech, keeping photography as a hobby. Feist also mentioned that she wanted to take art classes in college, considering her interest in tattoos.

“Try new things,” Feist said. “Don’t lock yourself in.”

Being proficient in many different art forms and media offers many opportunities and options. She is now skilled in both drawing and photography, planning to continue both even after starting college.

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