Artifacts: Burchfield-Themed Photographs by Jackie Albarella


When she was young, Jackie Albarella lived next door to Charles E. Burchfield’s house. Her mother later bought the house in Burchfield when she passed away, when Jackie came across all sorts of miscellaneous ephemera which she hid, never realizing that she would eventually incorporate these items into a body of work. photographic.

The items and objects that Jackie hid (her family lived in the house for five decades) are “paper items or other objects that are original ‘fragments’ from the life of the famous watercolourist Charles E. Burchfield”.

It was during the pandemic that Jackie finally managed to find free time to rummage through the various boxes and envelopes containing the found materials – the source material – that once belonged to Burchfield. As she rediscovered the objects, she would arrange and manipulate them – along with other sentimental elements – into collages which she would then photograph.

In order to share her personal journey with others, while shedding more light on Burchfield’s life, Jackie will display a series of eight 16″x20″ digital photographs (mounted on a black background) in an exhibition at the Buffalo History Museum.

“Each tells a story from a different time, such a time when the written letter was cherished. A willow branch can represent a yearning for spring, and a small cluster of drawings and notes can evoke the intricacy of what makes our lives matter. Collectively, the works in this series represent a spirit of nostalgia and remembrance, and the value and meaning that can be attributed to the ephemera we preserve for sentimental reasons.-Jackie Albarella

A vernissage will take place on Wednesday, September 7, 2022 (from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.).

The Buffalo History Museum | 1 CT Museum, Buffalo, NY 14216


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