Awesome Instagram Font Hack Is A Typography Nerd’s Dream


Instagram isn’t exactly the most customizable platform. Other than a few stock fonts, you don’t have many options to make your posts and stories stand out. But a viral TikTok video has revealed a hidden Easter egg that’s sure to put a smile on typography fans’ faces.

It seems that everyone’s second least favorite font (right behind Comic Sans) is hiding in the app’s Stories editor. That’s right – Papyrus is available on Instagram, and all you have to do to summon him is, uh, type in “Papyrus”. (Looking for more typographic inspiration? Check out the best free fonts.)

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Only available on iOS, the hack allows users to type a story into Papyrus. All you have to do is select the Comic Sans-esque font option, then type in the word “Papyrus.” You will then see the proprietary font in all its glory.

Papyrus on Instagram

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Indeed, with Comic Sans enjoying its fair share of defenders in 2022 and Papyrus lurking in Instagram, are we seeing a renewed appreciation for some of the most derided fonts of all time? Not so fast – one person you won’t find singing the praises of Comic Sans is the designer who inspired it.

So there you have it, you can now publish stories in Papyrus at your leisure. Looking for more ways to personalize your profile? Check out our guide on how to change your Instagram bio font.

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