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McFarlane Toys not too long ago unveiled their new 7″ Page Punchers line featuring an exclusive Black Adam comic. We already know that the DC Comics line will include a new Superman, Batman, Constantine and Black Adam figure. To make More interestingly, we saw Target getting a Black & White Link Art Deco Batman exclusive along with a new comic book variant Well, that trend continues as Black Adam gets a Walmart B&W Line Art Deco exclusive. This set will also come with a new black and white cover variant of the exclusive Black Adam comic book with new art.This new figure variant isn’t bad, and it kind of gives this design more character. His power accessories are also included, and if you’re looking to pick up the new Black Adam Page Puncher line for the comics, then this might be the one. The B&W DC Multi figure verse Line Art Variant comes in at $24.99, is slated for release in September 2022, and pre-orders are live here.

“Centuries ago, the same wizard who granted Billy Batson the powers of Shazam!, granted mystical powers to a pure-hearted youth in ancient Egypt. But when the boy tried to share his power to save his dying uncle, his uncle flew and became the legendary super-villain known as Black Adam!Black Adam has the same magical abilities as his superhero nemesis, Shazam!, but Adam’s powers come from the Egyptian gods. Shu grants him endurance; Heru, speed; Amon, strength; Zehuti, wisdom; Aton, power; and Mehen, courage. Black Adam can also fly and is virtually invincible.

  • Incredibly detailed 7-inch scale figure based on the DC Multiverse.
  • Includes a collectible comic book with an exclusive black-and-white variant the figure is based on, plus a collectible art card with a photograph of the figure on the front and a character biography on the back.
  • Designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for a full range of poses and play
  • Based on his look from the Black Adam comic book
  • Includes two removable lightning bolts and a base
  • Figure comes in DC Direct themed window box packaging.
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