Butterkist Adds Popcorn to ‘Wagatha Christie’ Courtroom Drawings


This is the trial that has taken hold of the nation. Butterkist, alongside creative agency partner St Luke’s, is releasing the popcorn for the courtroom drama ‘Wagatha Christie’ involving soccer wives Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy.

In the UK it is illegal to take photos or videos inside the courts, so news agencies often commission sketches of the courts. The confectionery brand inserted itself into the conversation and brazenly spoofed the sketches by re-imagining the scene with all of the captivated attendees – including the lawyer – munching on their popcorn as Rebekah Vardy testified.

“At Butterkist, we’re here for the big moments. We were there for #Partygate, and we’re here again with the nation as they watch the drama unfold and #GoGrabTheButterkist for #WagathaChristie,” said Ilan Arkin, marketing controller at Butterkist.

“Nothing beats grabbing a bag of popcorn when the drama from the edge of the seat unfolds before you. From the cinema to the living room – or following the courtroom drama of our time (among others…) – Butterkist is the perfect partner for snacking.

The tactical announcement was launched today and will appear in the print issue of The Metro newspaper.

“#WagathaChristie is all over the news creating real courtroom drama,” added Rich Denney, Executive Creative Director at St Luke’s.

“Not only that, the courtroom drawings themselves cause as much entertainment as the case itself, and it’s the perfect opportunity for the nation’s favorite popcorn to pop up and pop. join the conversation. #GoGrabTheButterkist.

Last year Butterkist and St Luke’s pulled off a stunt outside Downing Street during the ‘partygate’ scandal which saw the brand handing out packets of popcorn to passers-by, journalists and MPs.

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