Distant landscapes illuminated by geometric drone flight paths in photographs by Reuben Wu



#drones #light #sky

October 7, 2019

Laura staugaitis

Chicago-based artist Reuben Wu (formerly) blurs the lines between photography and art in his unique images. Wu’s work takes him to remote places around the world to capture rugged landscapes. But rather than focusing only on documenting local topography, Wu uses light drones to create geometric shapes in the air, accentuating the natural environment. Featured here are images from Wu’s Lux Noctis and Aeroglyphs series, presenting the artist’s interaction between organic and constructed forms.

Lux Noctis started out as a way to present landscapes in a different way from conventional photography. Using artificial lighting in a natural landscape came to me at Trona Pinnacles in 2014 when a random truck entered my time frame, unexpectedly lighting up the pinnacles in a way that shouldn’t exist Wu told Colossal. “It broadened to the idea of ​​bringing my own look and feel to a landscape using very nuanced overhead lighting. Rather than relying on the sun and timing to light up my footage, I was able to light it myself, as I would in a studio environment. For his most recent Lux Noctis footage, Wu traveled to Bolivia with the sponsorship of Phase One, to use the company’s new XT camera platform.

For Aeroglyphs, the artist is inspired by the Land Art movement to create interventions without physically touching the earth. Images from the series are currently on display at Photo-Eye in Santa Fe, New Mexico until November 16, 2019. A catalog of the show is available for pre-order from Kris Graves Projects. Stay up to date with Wu’s new work and travels on Instagram and Facebook.

Wu traveled to Chile to document the eclipse as part of his work “Arca Lux”

#drones #light #sky

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