Dramatic pastel drawings of changing glacial landscapes by Zaria Forman



#climate crisis #drawing #glaciers #pastel

October 2, 2019

Laura staugaitis

“Lincoln Sea, Greenland” (2019), soft pastel on paper, 68 x 108 inches

Pastellist artist Zaria Forman’s favorite subject is the glacier. The natural phenomenon that occurs around the world is an essential part of cold ecosystems, as well as a barometer of the health of the global climate. The Brooklyn-based artist travels around the world, often accompanying scientific expeditions, to discover and document glaciers firsthand, taking thousands of reference photographs to illuminate his enormous pastel drawings.

By translating her travels in the real world on paper, Forman shares that she draws on her memory as well as her reference photographs. “Every now and then I’ll reshape the ice a bit or simplify a loaded background to create a balanced composition, but 90% of the time I’m describing the exact scene I witnessed because I want to stay true to the landscape that existed. at this moment. “

Forman shares with Colossal that her passion for remote landscapes was sparked in her childhood, when she traveled the world with her family, including her art photographer mother. As an adult, she channeled this fascination with the vast and varied landscapes of our planet into her artistic practice.

Climate change is arguably the biggest crisis we face as a global society. As an artist, I feel a responsibility to address this in my work, especially since I have had the rare opportunity to travel to remote places on the front lines of the crisis. Psychology tells us that humans act and make decisions based primarily on emotion. Studies have shown that art has an impact on our emotions. I convey beauty as opposed to the devastation of threatened places in my work. If people can experience the sublimity of these landscapes, perhaps they will be inspired to protect and preserve them.

“Jakobshavn Glacier, Greenland” (2018), soft pastel on paper, 68 x 102 inches

Most of the works presented here present the glaciers of Greenland. Last winter, Forman also revisited the ice fields of southern Antactica and Patagonia, and she has just started working on a series around the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina. “Impressively, the Perito Moreno Glacier is the third largest freshwater reserve on the planet, surpassed only by the Antarctic and Greenland ice caps,” Forman told Colossal. “It also happens to be the only glacier in the Southern Icefields that is not receding. But it’s not moving forward either. I am delighted to dive into its details and textures in these new compositions.

Next summer, Forman’s solo exhibition will be presented at Winston Wächter Fine Art in Seattle. The artist is also hosting an exhibit for the National Geographic Endurance, a polar expedition ship, to be installed in February 2020. Follow Forman’s work and travels on Instagram.

“Charcot Fjord, Greenland” (2018), soft pastel on paper, 90 x 60 inches

“Hiawatha Basin, Greenland”, soft pastel on paper

“Weddell Sea Southeast of the Tip of the Antarctic Peninsula” (2018), soft pastel on paper, 60 x 90 inches

“Arctic Ocean northwest of the coast of Ellesmere Island, Canada” (2018), 40 x 60 inches

“Supraglacial lake (between the Hiawatha and Humboldt glaciers), Greenland, July 19, 2017” (2018), soft pastel on paper, 60 x 81 7/8 inches

“Getz Ice Shelf, Antarctica” (2018), soft pastel on paper, 40 x 60 inches

“Jakobshavn Glacier, Greenland, 69 ° 4’51.58N 49 ° 28’24.41W, April 29, 2017” (2018), soft pastel on paper, 108 3/8 x 68 inches

#climate crisis #drawing #glaciers #pastel

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