Drawings by the artist Sequim, jewelry exhibited at the Harbor Art Gallery


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Gail McLain’s colored pencil drawings are featured at Harbor Art Gallery this month.

PORT ANGELES – Harbor Art Gallery is showing the colored pencil paintings and jewelry of Gail McLain of Sequim throughout this month.

McLain will be in the gallery at 114 North Laurel St. in downtown Port Angeles welcoming visitors from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday as well as for the second Saturday Art Walk until 7 p.m. this coming Saturday.

She has a long and varied artistic background, from her third-year decision to become an artist to her graduation from the University of Washington’s graphic design program.

Since then McLain has worked in many mediums including lost wax bronze casting, acrylic and oil paint.

Gail McLain's Snow Owl Dream necklace is on display at the Harbor Art Gallery in Port Angeles.

Gail McLain’s Snow Owl Dream necklace is on display at the Harbor Art Gallery in Port Angeles.

Her jewelry designs, which consist of bead work and intricate wire weaving using semi-precious stone cabochons, have been featured in several issues of Beadwork magazine and her colored pencil paintings have appeared in The Best of Colored Pencil 3 and 5.

“Creating art is my passion,” she said.

“I hope the viewer/wearer finds pleasure in my efforts.”


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