Duncan Brazzil’s on-going experiment with Kinetic Typography is a must-have for typeface lovers everywhere.


It’s something he started in November 2018 while working in-house as a designer for American sports company Fanatics in Manchester, England. “During this time, I was learning so much in my job, working alongside a super talented and inspiring team, but I could tell that there was something missing in my toolkit,” Duncan told Creative Boom. “At that time, I also wanted to challenge myself outside of work and learn something new.”

Taking up motion design in Adobe After Effects, Duncan discovered a new passion and found himself watching endless YouTube tutorials trying to “crack the code”. It was then that he decided to start a “self-initiated project”, taking his love for minimalism and typography and bringing it into a new realm. “This is one that I had never ventured into, except seeing the striking work of others online,” he adds.

“Every day I would come home and spend time designing these posters, choosing one word, rarely several, and trying to articulate some form of meaning.”

Throughout this process, Duncan explored various movements and minimal effects, gradually finding themselves rebounding in more advanced applications. “The first posters I designed turned out to be some of my favorites, because sometimes I would get to the result I was happy with, but I had no idea how I could retrace my steps with various tools. software.

“Passing in front of 50 posters, I started to combine effects, to learn to create several or more compositions within a single piece and to go further. Inspired by my daily life, my emotions, my difficulties in everyday life or whatever I was going to do each day and translate it through something was so amazing. I could feel something. This project taught me so much about myself as well as the techniques of motion design that I can now use in the studio or share with other teams. “

You can follow Duncan’s Kinetic Typography Experiments project at duncanbrazzil.com. Or check it out on Instagram.


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