Edition365 NFT Collection of curated photographs of a pandemic year falls on OpenSea, Digital …


© Lucy Veale, Edition365

© Mark Forbes, Edition365

Announcement of a unique NFT collection per century of ART3.io and British Journal of Photography

Exclusively on OpenSea, Edition365 is a historical portrait of the year that changed everything.

Uniting the voices of renowned photographers, emerging artists and ordinary people, Edition365 started out as a vast and immersive digital exhibition with New Art City capture the year that changed everything. All of the work was created between March 11, 2020, when the World Health Organization officially announced a global pandemic, and March 10, 2021: 365 Days That Changed Everything, captured through 365 works of art, d ‘a diverse and dynamic range of designers from around the world. world.

Traversing stories of love, loss, hope, solidarity – humanity’s collective will to resist, to persist and to rebuild – Edition365 is a collection of unique photographs, designed to be a historical reference for decades to come.

“As hosts to some of the most viewed photo exhibitions in the ‘real’ world, we wanted to build something of equal ambition in the metaverse,” said Marc Hartog, CEO of ART3.io. “Edition365 is a time capsule of incredible works that tells the story of a unique moment in history, with artists from around the world offering their own creative insight into this uniquely shared human experience. “

“Creators have been incredibly hard hit during the pandemic,” he continues. “The NFT sale will create an opportunity for collectors to own unique works while supporting a large group of participating artists, who will receive the lion’s share of the revenue generated. The concept of metaverse is constantly evolving, and in what we believe to be a world first, a collector will be able to own the entire exhibition within the framework of the sale, the profits being divided between the artists.

All NFTs will be editions of a, with unlockable content throughout the collection, including a certified limited edition, archival-quality print, delivered free to first-time NFT buyers.


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