“History in Color”: 30 Beautifully Colorized Historical Photographs


Reading about history helps us better understand ourselves and the world around us, but exploring it through visual examples can make our past feel even more real. Like looking at old photographs that give us glimpses of undoubtedly captivating moments that we may have forgotten or weren’t even aware of. However, the color palette we usually associate with these images is narrow – black and white. While faded and scratched monochrome photos have their charm, they can keep us from relating to the past.

We live in the digital age, after all, and our minds think and remember past events in color, so a colored photograph should be much easier to identify, right? Let us introduce you to the aptly titled Subreddit ‘History in color’an online community “dedicated to high-quality colorizations of historical black-and-white images and discussions of a historical nature”.

To bring the days gone by back to life, we’ve put together a collection of some of the band’s most stunning vintage images. So take the opportunity to scroll through these multicolored treasures and vote for your favorites! Keep reading to also find in-depth interviews with a writer and lover of modern history Joe Romero and professional photo colorist Sanna Dullaway. And if you’re interested in even more historic photos and the stories behind them, be sure to check out our previous article right here.


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