Join Rajshree Saraf as she sticks agonizing AR typography posters on the streets of New York


Secretly “big nerd”, Saraf’s love for type design grew out of his love for words. “I like to read and I like words, even if I can’t write.” Her passion for type design began while working as an art director at Wieden+Kennedy’s Dehli studio. “Fortunately for me, I got to work with some brilliant writers at W+K and wanted to put their beautiful and funny words into art all day.” Having now left W+K to explore the creative side of emerging technology at NYU Tisch, Rasjhree has found herself with her fingers in many pies. “Now I don’t know if I’m an artist, a designer, a technologist, a researcher,” she muses, “who knows, maybe I’m all of those.”

Picking a favorite from her AR-like posters is tough for Rajshree — much like picking a favorite child, one might imagine — but she highlights Full of shit as particularly fun to do. “I tried to adapt the aesthetic of one of the older technologies to one of the newer technologies”, details Rajshree. “Augmented reality tends to have a very elaborate aesthetic. And I love the good old photocopier effect for my printed posters. Successful or not, I enjoyed the process of combining the two for this one. Using type with a classic edge, overlaid with grainy textures and warm, woodsy hues teaming up with AR to create varied perspectives, we can definitely confirm that the experiment was successful.

Going forward, Rajshree wants to maintain momentum and continue exploring the possibilities of AR. “While the techs are working hard to provide us with better technology for AR, I wanted to help sort out some things for designers who will soon have to start designing for AR,” says Rajshree. “Designers approach each media with a method, for good communication. It’s a blank slate for AR; I want to create tools or guidelines on considerations or best practices, anything I can do to help people navigate this new landscape. And, alongside these very forward-thinking plans, Rajshree plans to let off steam by continuing to spout his agonizing words across New York.


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