Master Drawings New York spotlights major art dealers


NEW YORK, NY – Master Drawings New York (MDNY) is pleased to announce highlights from 21 of the world’s foremost art dealers of works from the 14th to 21st centuries to be exhibited at the 2022 very expected from the fair. The event runs through Saturday, January 29, 2022 on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. This year’s list also includes four new galleries, Gray MCA (Bath, UK), Agnews (London), Sam Fogg (London) and Nicholas Hall (New York).

Now in its 16th year, the annual week-long event presents an exciting showcase of temporary exhibitions and special presentations mounted in private galleries by top specialists. The works on display include an array of drawings, paintings, watercolors and sculptures. In addition to these works, Master Drawings New York presents an extraordinary range of in-person and online partner events. All Zoom events and recordings are hosted in partnership with Drawing America, a New York-based group of drawing enthusiasts and practitioners. Highlights of this year’s events include an online conversation with the Metropolitan Museum of Art titled Drawing in a Radical Era: Artists in the Orbit of Jacques Louis Davida panel discussion and Q&A on Mexican muralism hosted with the West Harlem Art Fund at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and the sixth annual Master drawings colloquium of journals, among others.


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