NC $ 1 Million Vaccination Lottery Has Much Better Odds Than Most Draws


RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) – With the draw for the first national vaccine lottery just three days away, some people still have questions about how it works.

It won’t be like Powerball or Mega Millions – where you get a ticket.

Instead, the names of those vaccinated are in a pool, and a random number generator operated by the North Carolina Education Lottery will choose the winners.

But, it could take several days between the winner’s choice and the announcement, as state health officials will need to verify the winner’s eligibility. Thus, the drawing of the random number will be anti-climatic.

The winner will not be announced for several days after going through a verification process.

The money for the awards comes from the Federal Corona Virus Relief Fund, so in a way you pay it with your tax money.

Hattie Gawande of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services said the $ 1 million prize would be paid all at once.

You will also be taxed on it. Here is the breakdown of this tax grab.

  • Federal taxes at 24 percent, take $ 240,000
  • North Carolina taxes at 5.25 percent. It’s $ 52,500
  • Your cut is $ 707,000

How will you know if you’ve won?

“You will be contacted by someone from our team,” said Gawande, “We will contact you by phone or if we contact you by email, we will tell you that we will call you back.”

This is the tricky part, as the shots are covered by HIPAA regulations, security is involved.

“You will need to consent to your identity being disclosed,” Gawande said. “You will also need to agree to share your information with the lottery that will pay you, or the state education authority that will grant you a scholarship if you are under 18.”

The rules say you have to be a resident of North Carolina to win. If you live somewhere else and you got your chance here, you’re out of the game.

The rules also state that you must go public as the person who received the vaccine.

“We will need to know that you agree to the terms and conditions and consent to the advertising,” Gawande said.

The goal of the lottery is to get more people vaccinated and they will be multiple winners all summer long for adults and under 21s.

“Ultimately, four designs that will have a scholarship winner and a cash winner every two weeks starting this Wednesday,” Gawande said.

The odds vary depending on the number of eligible people who have been vaccinated. But the odds are much better than other cash lotteries and will vary depending on how many people get shot.

  • Lottery odds for vaccination are about 2 in 4.6 million
  • Powerball odds are around 1 in 292 million
  • Mega Millions typically has a rating of 1 in 302 million.

In these days of robocalls and crooks, how will you be able to tell that it is the state and not a criminal calling you?

“If anyone asks you to pay anything to participate in this promotion, it is not the state,” she said. “No one has to pay a dime and no one has to provide their bank details over the phone. “

Among the frequently asked questions, can you get the money back if you want to remain anonymous?

Because the state does this for advertising, the simple answer is no.

“There may be a case where someone says they don’t want the money because they think we’re out of state,” Gawande said. “In that case, we’ll move on to the next person.”


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