New BMA Matisse & Drawings study centers to boost access to collections



In a press release from the BMA, a representative of the museum said that by creating this new center, they “bring together in one space the essential functions of the museum – conservation, study, preparation and exhibition – and make them transparent to the public. . “

The Preparatory Room, in particular, embodies this claim as it will allow visitors to gain real-time insight into the processes used by museum staff to appraise incoming works of art, perform curatorial assessments and select works of art. art for future exhibitions. This room will also include a space dedicated to the ongoing digitization of the collection of prints, drawings and photographs. Just three years ago, only five percent of the collection was online. In December, the museum said fifty percent of the collection will be accessible online.

The study room will be equally innovative in terms of accessibility as it will eventually be open to academics, classes and occasional museum visitors. The entrance to the hall will be framed by a two-century-old stone arch carved by Giuseppe Franzoni (1779-1815). Although the center as a whole will open its doors on December 12, the study room can only be booked by appointment in the spring of 2022.

The inaugural exhibition of this center, The Rembrandt effect, promises to explore the famous artist’s lasting impact on printmaking and will showcase more than eighty works from the collection. As is the case with many artists of past centuries, Rembrandt’s paintings are generally better known than his works on paper. But, for any art historian worth his salt, the artist’s prints are an exciting and integral piece of the chronology of art history.



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