New online and in-person exhibit includes design drawings, paintings, more from Hello, Dolly!, Cabaret, The King and I


Hosted by Helicline Fine Art, You will be Swell! You will be awesome! features works by Boris Aronson, Jo Mielziner, Al Hirschfeld, and more.

A new exhibition You will be Swell! You will be awesome! performance artwill be presented by Helicline Fine Art from May 2 to August 31. Nearly three dozen works of art will be on display, representing theatre, film, dance, music and circus, including Al Hirschfeld’s drawing from the original production of The king and me seen above. Digital viewings of the collection will be available on the Helical site, artsy.netand In-person viewings can be arranged by appointment at the Midtown Manhattan Gallery.

The exhibition will feature paintings, design drawings, illustrations, photographs and more from iconic Broadway shows, films and related performance ephemera. Shows represented include Hello Dolly!, Cat on a hot tin roof, my lovely lady, The king & me, Cabaret, On the city, goodbye birdie, Day and night, and The defiant, as well as works illustrating other aspects of the performing profession. All works were created between the 1920s and 1970s.

Artists represented in the collection include Boris Aronson, Leon Bibel, Cecil Beaton, Jean Chassaing, David Fredenthal, William Gropper, Al Hirschfeld, Roddy McDowall, Paul Meltsner, Jo Mielziner, Hugo Scheiber, Oliver Smith, Miles White, Freddy Whittop, Richard Whorf, Louis Wolchonok, etc.

“Although I have operated Helicline Fine Art since 2008, my life’s work has been and continues to be running a Times Square communications company. From day one of my working life, I have worked in entertainment, primarily theater, selling two hours of magic in a dark room. Some of these performers were friends, even clients. Their work means a great deal to me, and I believe it will resonate deeply to those who love entertainment and the arts. These works are fine art,” said Keith Sherman, owner of the gallery.

Helicline Fine Art is a private Manhattan art gallery specializing in modernism, the American scene, social realism, mural studies, industrial landscapes, regionalism, abstraction and more.


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