Old Master Drawings from the Herbert Kasper Collection



Sale of old drawings by Christie’s Always in fashion: the Herbert Kasper collection presents the extraordinary group of Old Master designs brought together by American fashion designer Herbert Kasper (1926-2020). Remarkable for the quality of each drawing, the collection, which will be auctioned in New York, includes works by artists active in Italy and northern Europe at 16e and 17e centuries. Among the thirty-five drawings in the sale are exceptional sheets by the greatest masters of the late Renaissance such as Parmigianino, Giulio Romano, Paolo Veronese, Giorgio Vasari, Hendrick Goltzius and Peter Paul Rubens among others.

Herbert Kasper, known to everyone simply as Kasper, was a leading figure in the fashion world and an influential designer of taste in New York City. For decades Kasper has collected Old Master drawings, photographs and contemporary art, with a particular attraction to the beautiful and elegant figures of the Mannerist painters. Old master drawings from the Kasper Collection, a portion of which has been donated to some of New York’s foremost museums, testify to their owner’s discernment, passion, talent and exquisite taste.



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