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On the Alexa Hollywood page on the Milwaukee Artists Resource Network website, she writes:

I am a conceptual artist and writer who works through media. I create paintings, drawings, assemblages, collages, photographs, mixed media photographs, videos and books. It is in my nature to thirst for novelty, to experiment and to invent. A recurring concept in my work is iteration and iterative change. It stems from my experience as an old woman. I understand that the change over the lifetime is due to small iterative changes. It is these iterative changes that lead to the cumulative experience. I work in series. Often times, I will create a character to amplify and explore the series. It goes back to the recognition of iterations and the fact that I’ve been a lot of people in my life.

I have recurring themes in my work. They are feminism, art throughout history and in different cultures, old age and death.

While my style may vary from series to series, there are several constants. I generally use bright, saturated colors. When I paint I use a variety of brushstrokes because I love the texture. I am mostly self-taught. Fred Bell, one of my few teachers when I was a beginner, once told me that I was a messy painter. He warned me not to be trained for this. My work continues to be looser in style and I leave traces that others could paint or erase.

I create and invent. Although I am a conceptual artist, I intuitively explore through media. All artists are both conceptual and intuitive artists. My intuition guides my concepts. My concepts guide my intuition.

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Which avenue do you prefer and why?

For me, the creative process is essential. The medium structures the creative process. In the past year, I applied to Milwaukee Local Grants. My goal is not to get the grant but to clarify who I am as an artist by reviewing my work and refining an artist’s statement. My favorite medium is still the one in which I am currently exploring.

You are currently working on photography. Describe your style or subject.

I became interested in photography during the end of the pandemic. The way to escape my condo was to walk. I started to take pictures. The photos I was particularly interested in were photos of the overlay of a reflected image and the image inside a window. Suddenly, I started to take composite photos. I did a “Milwaukee Double Exposure” series. Then I did composite photos of drawings and paintings superimposed on images I had taken on the Milwaukee marches. I consider these works to be mixed media works. I believe that all art is local. It is made in a room. These mixed media pieces are a manifestation of that.

What kind of performance art do you do?

I did a brief stint as a choreographer / dancer when I was in my thirties. I didn’t like it. However, it informs my work. I created picture books / stories in which I am the protagonist and I have self-published them on Blurb. They are theatrical in nature. In 2018 I got interested in video and created short video thumbnails where I performed my writing. This series of works, I nicknamed the “LilliandDottir Confessional Poet Cycle”. I often come back to making videos and story / picture books as I work on each new series.

You are from Seattle. How is Milwaukee different for you and do you prefer it?

I love Seattle. This is my hometown. It is a city surrounded by mountains and nestled between Lake Washington and Puget Sound. But the city I grew up in is not the city that exists today. I prefer Milwaukee. Milwaukee is my adopted hometown and suits me much better than Seattle. I love the history of Milwaukee. Milwaukee was a socialist city as well as being the machine shop of the world. I often walk in green spaces. I explore the architecture and history of Milwaukee.

What do you say to those who tell artists to focus on a particular medium?

In the 21st century, artists and genius are commonplace. The product exceeds demand. Artists are urged to focus on one style or medium so that their work is easily recognizable. The artist and his work become the commodity. A collector not only buys the work but the artist’s mark. I started creating visual arts at the age of 60. I started out by taking drawing lessons in Milwaukee Parks and Recreation. I suspect I won’t live long enough to become a brand.

Creating art is my vocation and my discipline. By temperament, I thirst for novelty. I invent and I explore. It is in my nature to define myself by working on all media.


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