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Suzuki is on the right track in terms of electric development. It’s still unclear where this will lead, of course, but the initial process of electrifying the Hamamatsu brand has begun, as patent drawings of an electric scooter show.

The drawings, published in Cycle World, appear to show an electric version of Suzuki’s Burgman scooter. Not as a 400, though, rather a more common 125 equivalent would be the answer here for Suzuki.

The field of electric remains in comfort rather than performance, of course, especially when it comes to two wheels, and for a manufacturer like Suzuki, which has for now abandoned almost all competition – with the exception limit of American motocross, and that of the World Endurance Championship – behind it, practicality is vitality.

It’s worth remembering, with competition always in mind, that one of the reasons for Suzuki’s withdrawal from MotoGP is to pump more money into the development of electric power. In this area, it notably lags behind some of its rivals, including those also Japanese.

Honda has launched its PCX electric scooter, as well as electric motocross bikes for children. Plus, it has a full-size electric motocross prototype, just like KTM, which also has the E-Duke on the way, and Husqvarna’s E-Pilen. Back in Japan, however, and we find that Kawasaki has recently launched an electric balance bike for kids, and Yamaha has a selection of electric scooters in Europe and Asia. Suzuki needs to catch up, and this “E-Burgman”—to hypothesize a naming convention—seems to be the start of that.

Images reproduced with the kind permission of bike world.

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