Pencil to Pixel Typography Exhibition, New York


Pencil to Pixel Typography Exhibition, New York

The true British typography firm Monotype envisioned the ultimate showcase for the demons of the police in all of us. “Pencil to Pixel” is a comprehensive exhibition offering typography fanatics a chance to get up close and personal with rare instruments, artwork and artifacts related to the history of typography, tracing the development of typography to its current state steeped in technology.

“In an era when most people interact with the police as a digital experience, Monotype’s collection of artefacts related to the history of the police – examples of precision drawing, masters of metal and film, photographs and tools – gives visitors the opportunity to explore the very physical history of typefaces they are already familiar with, ”says Dan Rhatigan, typography director for Monotype in the UK.

The exhibition also offers the opportunity to see the hand of the author. According to Monotype’s James Fooks-Bale: “A lot of designers are familiar with the ‘tick-down’ menu in their applications, but don’t know that it originally came from someone’s hand. “

With a history dating back to 1897, Monotype is certainly able to hold a typographic court. The exhibition, which opens in New York this week, is actually a revival of a first installment that was staged in London last November. The American stage will feature examples of particular relevance to the United States, such as a copy of the 1931 Linotype magazine “Typographic Sanity,” published in Brooklyn, as well as original Monotype Centaur character designs from the American typographer and type designer. Bruce Rogers.

Other artifacts on display, which had never been seen before, include phototype masters for Haas Unica and Neue Helvetica fonts, original designs by Eric Gill for Joana, and an immaculately maintained manuscript showing the exact Firmin typefaces Didot which inspired Adrian Frutiger’s Didot Linotype.

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