Persuasive Legal Writing: The Importance of Document Design and Typography


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Lawyers are in the business of producing persuasive writing, but they often overlook a key dimension: document design and typography. Legal documents are documents published by professionals and their readers (clients, judges or public) expect them to be of the same standard as other documents published by professionals. And while a well-designed document can’t save bad text, it can make good text clearer and more compelling.

Drawing on their personal experience and professional typographical texts, presenters will demonstrate the importance of document design and typography for persuasive legal writing. They will cover key considerations at the text, paragraph, and document level, and dispel the myths and bad habits that pervade this area. Sample documents will illustrate the difference good design and typography make to the inherent persuasiveness of a document.

We are fortunate to have His Honor Justice John Bond of the Queensland Court of Appeal presiding over the presentation and providing a judicial perspective on the impact a well-crafted document can have in assisting the court.


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