Photographs by Vik Muniz on “Shared Roots” at Frieze


Vik Muniz is a mixed media photographer and artist widely known for using unconventional materials in his works to create intricate compositions made up of multiple layers. One of the most notable pieces by the Brazilian designer is a photograph by Cibachrome illustrating his interpretation of Andy Warhol’s work. Double Mona Lisa masterpieces. He portrayed the famous play using peanut butter and jelly in 1999.

“If you choose to work with different materials, no matter how ridiculous they are, you dictate different processes,” he told HYPEBEAST when asked why he decided to use non-traditional materials. “I worked with garbage and diamonds. I worked with particles invisible to the naked eye, living cells in the MIT lab. I have also worked with iron mines in central Brazil making drawings 2-3 miles long and photographing them in helicopters, it’s a lot more fun than being in a studio.

Muniz’s latest project is a series of collaborative images with Maison Ruinart entitled Shared roots. Currently on display at Frieze New York 2019, the pieces are a tribute to winemakers and winegrowers. To create these works, the artist assembled organic elements such as pieces of blackened wood and charcoal to form twisted tree branches. Another image shows a chardonnay leaf made from the plant itself, which he then photographed to develop the final product. “Art must be connected to life. if you stay in the studio for too long, you watch these traditional materials for too long and you don’t watch life, ”Muniz said.

Shared Roots will be exhibited at international fairs this year before being installed next year at Maison Ruinart in Reims, France. Check out the pieces above and watch the series on display at the Ruinart Lounge throughout Frieze New York 2019.

Frieze New York 2019
20 Randall Island Connector
New York, New York 10035


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