Photographs of Newport’s pampered dogs in their homes (and mansions)



As this difficult year draws to a close, I am very happy to write an article on a topic close to my heart, and undoubtedly the hearts of many of you reading this: Pampered Pets Who make Newport their home.

Now let me be clear: “pampered” is just another word for loved – and, therefore, spoiled and spoiled. Would we have it any other way?

My collaborator in this adventure is my favorite photographer, Nick Mele. Not only has his talents earned him the moniker “Slim Aarons of the Millennial set” (a nod to the company’s famous photographer), he also produces @ A.Social.Life, one of the most popular Instagram accounts. entertaining from the world of social networks. media. “Our Family’s Photographic Adventures in Wonderland” is Cecil-Beaton-meets-Willy-Wonka’s unmissable collection of witty and extravagant antics that offers welcome humor in these uncertain times!

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The fact that Nick is a dog fan only adds to his appeal. His dogs are part of the family, making numerous appearances in his photographs and on social media. And since Nick grew up in Newport, one of the pleasures of seeing his pictures of pets at home is peering inside special, private spaces in Newport. “Working” shouldn’t be so fun!

You don’t have to look far to understand why our City by the Sea is a natural setting for pampered pets. Its magnificent crescent beaches are ideal for long runs in the sand. Its vast, velvety lawns are perfect for rolling. Warm breezes ensure lush gardens conducive to frolicking (and chasing rabbits). And Newport’s majestic trees provide shade for long naps. For the same reasons, many would say, their owners find Newport so endearing. – Bettie Bearden Pardee is the author of two books on The Coffee Table and editor of the luxury lifestyle website Bettie and her husband, Jonathan, reside year round in our seaside town.

The pampered doggies of Newport

Gracie and Baxter Constantine

Gracie and Baxter Constantine reside in one of Newport’s most impressive residences from the American Country House Golden Age (1900-1930). It’s a perfect home for this pair of mini bernedoodles (from a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle), with their sweet, playful and outgoing personalities.

Jasper and Chloe Farzan

Residing in the estate of two of Newport’s most respected architects (and four-time Doris Duke Historic Preservation Award winners), the corgies Jasper and Chloe Farzan agreed to sit for a portrait at the dressing table in the guest bedroom in the Rockhurst gatehouse.

Penny van beuren

While looking for the many photo opportunities in the house of this very lucky Brussels griffon, Penny van Beuren, I saw a collection of 29 valentines from sailors created by its talented owner. I decided that the four on the windowsill were the perfect frame for our portrait. Two days later, my inbox contained an invitation for an exhibit at the Redwood Library and Athenaeum… featuring this collection! Could there be a better image than Penny among valentines, ready to go out with her party hat on?

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Prince jackson

How could we resist the sitting Prince jackson in his family’s coral-red 1962 Thunderbird, which transports the Labrador retriever between Newport and DC? In addition, his characteristics are similar to those of the ideal gentleman: “Likes to snuggle up … loyal … well behaved (always waits for me to walk through the door first) … and he can stay awake for any party. that we organize. Could this be the Cary Grant of dogs?

Bailey Hull

Boston terrier Bailey Hull (named after a certain beach club) pairs well with a suite of 1920s outdoor furniture purchased at one of Newport’s estate auctions… painted pink, of course!

Maude Harmsworth

Along a shaded stretch of Bellevue Avenue is one of Newport’s finest rooms. What a magnificent setting for this yellow Lab, Maude Harmsworth, who likes to pose for the camera, especially when it’s in the ballroom.

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Mia and Bella Wilsey

Two beautiful and beloved Maltese are enjoying their first summer in the house of their late “grandmother”. With interiors that are matched only by their exquisite home in San Francisco, Mia and Bella Wilsey will welcome friends 24 hours a day.

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Bodhi Mele

The mixed breed dog of photographer Nick Mele, Bodhi Mele, was the pet that inspired this series of photographs. A frequent “guest” on Nick’s Instagram account, he was truly a member of the family until his passing. As this picture shows, he was also a good sportsman.

Benson Zone

Talk about an iconic Newport setting! The famous Blue Garden, lost to the ravages of time and proliferation, was saved by philanthropist Dodo Hamilton using designs from the original garden from 1913. The owner of the pit bull shown here, Benson Zone, continues the dynastic tutelage of this horticultural heritage.

Pandemic (Pan) Partridge

Pandemic (Pan) Partridge, a cavapoo (mix of Cavalier King Charles spaniel and poodle) is happily basking in his family’s new home, Land’s End. Coincidentally, this is the house where our photographer, Nick Mele, grew up. The dining room is Nick’s favorite room, so it wasn’t too difficult to decide where to place Pan – above a plate on the buffet.

Keeping him in the family, we include photographer Nick Mele's own pit bull Lola, a lovely lady showing off her playful side.

Do you have a pampered pet in Newport County?

Send a photo of it at home to [email protected], and include your name (s), city, and pet’s name. We could feature it here on our website!



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