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From the kitchen to the living room, the alphabet can find its place in many ways, says Teja Lele Desai

From laptops and signs to books and storefronts, we are surrounded by many styles of typography. Simply put, typography is the art of organizing letters and text “so as to make the copy readable, clear, and visually appealing.” It involves the font style, appearance and structure, and aims to convey a specific message and create some impact.

If you are a typophile – an alphabet lover – and your p and q count as much as the other things you are passionate about, can we suggest some typography inspired decoration in your home?

Here are eight ways to get graphics and play with typography in your home:

On the wall

Hang calligraphic words that echo a sentiment close to your heart, such as “believe”, “hero”, “family”, etc. Or you can be bold and use just one huge letter that has meaning in your life. Another great idea is to put some typography on some wallpaper and have two design statements in one!

Playing with typography

Alphabetical Accessories

Bookends, paperweights, time zone clocks, candle holders, ampersand decor pieces – the options are endless to introduce typography through accessories. Besides being able to buy a lot of things online and offline, there are also a lot of things you can DIY.

In the kitchen

Take your love for the letter into the kitchen and use the fridge as a canvas. Adhesive or magnetic letters come in all shapes, colors, and sizes (and we’re not talking about children’s alphabets!). To prevent them from looking like a child’s board, you can create complete words like “bakery”, “eat well” or “bon appétit”.

Have fun with the furniture

Look for a centerpiece such as letter-shaped chairs or a sofa with text-print upholstery. Coffee tables with laminate surfaces full of quotes or sayings will delight a bookworm. You can also print it out, line the table and cover it with a sheet of glass – this works well for people who like to change their decor as they can keep changing as they please.

Playing with typography

Stack it

For a subtle introduction, how about stacking coffee table books so that their spines create an interesting typographic effect? The effect will be best with a plain background, so make sure the wall behind it is not very loud or busy. Garnish with a candle and a vase of flowers. The best part about a coffee table display is that it can keep changing – maybe you can rotate your books with the seasons?

Put him outside

A great way to let everyone know your love for the typed letter is to put the typography outside the house. It could be your address and even a sign like “hello” or “welcome”. You can have personalized letters made out of wood or metal or just paint the letters on the wall. A hand painted “hola” or “hello” on the door can add color and a touch of quirk.

Playing with typography

Text to reflect

We love the idea of ​​having an entire poem written on a mirror. You can have the text engraved on the mirror or stick a translucent sticker with the poem on it.

Every time you look at yourself in the mirror the lyrics sing to you. And what could be better than that?

On linen and fabrics

Nowadays there is a wide variety of linens that help you stand out. Cushions, table runners, tablecloths and more – keep scouring until you find a fabric that looks like you and bring it home.

Words and phrases that mean a lot to you can become a part of your everyday life if you incorporate them into your decor. Seeing them around you is a sure way to start the day on a high note.


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