The art of typography is the new face – Michael Adedeji


While it might seem like a mystery to figure out, Adedeji makes him attractive so easily, constructing facial expressions with words.

Olamide Babatunde

Blurring the lines that line a face and reshaping it into words of hope and inspiration is a tactical and deliberate effort to make a statement for Michael Adedeji whose impetus is art. He describes it as “the ideal makeover of facial art”. This is what he has added to his portfolio since graduation, the interpretation of a portrait is the result of his love for inspiring art.

He spends most of his time surfing the net to find out about the latest developments from producers at Marvel Entertainment, the United States of America, and veteran Nigerian artists like Ato Arinze and Kelvin Okafor. “Their drawings, illustrations and works set them apart. Any artist who has carved out a place for himself in the art world is my role model, because he has distinguished himself from others, ”he says.

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He graduated in Graphic Design from the Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, and he devotes himself unwaveringly to typographic portraiture.

Describing how he discovered his path early on, he says, “I love the arts. Music and art are my driving force. Art means a lot to me. From elementary school, I loved it. When I see works like comics, magazines, it makes me want to reproduce what I’ve seen.

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“I discovered my path in the arts very early on, because I was convinced that I would make art into a profession. I started to draw and later improved my drawing and since then I have walked towards the arts. Art is everything for me and as my source of happiness.

While it might seem like a mystery to figure out, Adedeji makes him attractive so easily, constructing facial expressions with words. He says using text to interpret his work makes it more valuable while still obeying anatomy and the rules of the art in the work.

“Every human being loves praise, and people are happy when they are praised in one form or another. I have found that when you put words into the arts, it engages the minds of people and, on a daily basis, they discover new things in the work that they did not see in their previous observation of the work. Words describe the individual in a positive way and cause the person to tolerate the personality of the person in the conception of the work. individual, ”he explains.

Social networks and the environment give more definition to Addedeji’s portraits. It draws on the emotional and psychological needs of humans and transforms them into a mixture of structure and text by following simple design rules. “The environment greatly influences my works,” he adds.

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“When you look at the environment, there is a lot going on and they really inspire my work. For example, when people look at posters or billboards, they are drawn to the advertisements. Likewise, I like to work and make people look at my work and imagine what it is about. Photography is also a big deal for me, because if the photo isn’t taken very creatively, the typography might not show up well, ”he says. “The lighting, the color and everything that has to be perfect.”

After carving this ridge, the versatile artist does not rest on his oars. He wants to expand the reach and acceptability of art, bring it to the global village of his own corner.

He says, “I see the art of typography becoming more and more accepted in this part of the world and becoming a part of people’s way of life, either by owning it or giving it away. In this way there will be an awakening and appreciation of our own art. Once we get to that place where we can appreciate art, the need will naturally be aroused. The only way is to tie it to a pleasant and engaging experience for life. This is what I strive to achieve with my works.

Although his work is marked by a unique dominant approach, hung on a wall, it resonates with strength, beauty, structure, softness that engages the mind at the same time.

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