The freelance photographer announced the winning landscape photographs taken by photographers around the world (10 photos)


The Independent Photographer has announced the winners of its landscape photography competition:

“In April, we wanted to see images that showcase the diverse and beautiful topography of our planet.⁠ All approaches were valid and we wanted to see as many different styles and compositions as possible!”

Kai Hornung was the judge of the month: a landscape and fine art photographer based in Hannover, Germany. He has won several international awards and his work has been frequently published in magazines such as National Geographic, GEO, Elements and Condé Nast.

Making images that have the ability to “sing” is what he aims for. Whether it’s the grand and dramatic moments, or the small, abstract moments in which he soothes the chaos around us. Kai Hornung also writes about landscape photography and regularly leads photography workshops.

We are delighted to present the images of 10 artists whose work demonstrates exceptional talent: discover the winners!

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Kevin Krautgartner – 1st place. Price – $1,000

“Shapes of reefs” – Southern Brazil

From “Art of Water”, an aerial photography journey showcasing some of the world’s most beautiful, surreal and unique landscapes that have been formed by water. Discover the element in all its diversity, its colors, its abundance of forms, its fragile beauty and aesthetics. The interplay of colors transforms oceans, rivers and lakes into unique works of art. Landscape photographs blur the lines between natural and artificial water colorations.

Brooke Holm- 2nd place. Price – $600

“Namibia from above” – ​​Namibia

“I traveled to Namibia to research the world’s oldest desert, the Namib Sand Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, the tallest sand dunes soar hundreds of meters into the sky. From dawn to dusk, the colors of the dunes change with the sun in stunning shades of burnt reds and dusty pinks. From this vantage point, the dunes resemble the human form, an array of fleshy tones blending and cascading in symphony, evoking our complicated relationship with nature and its magnetic pull on the human subconscious.

Nicolò Taborra – 3rd place. Price – $400

“Aerial view of mine” – Dolomites, Italy

On late summer afternoons, the sunset sunlight is very soft and creates a soft color palette over the Dolomite mountains in the Italian Alps.⁠

Anderson Cunha from Sao Sabas – finalist

“Lungs” – Iceland⁠

“Viewed from above, Icelandic rivers form various abstract shapes and structures. Every time I look at this photo, I see a lung. Maybe you will see something else.”⁠

Attila Balogh – finalist

“Larung Gar” – Sichuan, China

Located in Sichuan Province, Larung Gar Buddhist Academy is the largest monastery and tallest slum in the world, housing around 4,000 monks and nuns.

Deryk Baumgaertner – finalist

“The Perfect Storm” – Norway

A scene like in the movie “The Perfect Storm”. The wild sea with hurricane-like and very cold winds, the whipping snow and the northern lights twinkling for a short time represented a combination of situations that you will probably only encounter very rarely.

Florian Delalée – finalist

“Landscape in the Shape of a Millennial Man” – Yuanyang Rice Terraces, Yunnan, China

The Yuanyang Terraces lie south of the Ailao Mountains in China’s Yunnan Province. For generations, the local Hani have built terraces on hillsides with slopes between 15 and 75 degrees. The terraced fields stretch across Honghe, Yuanyang, Luchun and Jinping counties south of Honghe – “the Red River”.

Laurel Anderson – finalist

“Pink Pools” – Salt Lake City, USA

The unexpected beauty of the industry outside of Salt Lake City.

Samuel Hardwick – finalist

“Preikestolen” – Preikestolen, Norway

Surrounding mountains in Preikestolen, Norway.

Yann Calonne – finalist

“Majestic” – Aiguilles d’Arves, France

Always in awe of the mountains, feeling small and insignificant in front of these majestic giants of ice and rocks. The north face of the Aiguilles d’Arves (3500m) located in the Maurienne valley. In the heart of the French Alps, the Maurienne valley was the ancestral passage between France and Italy.


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