This Instagram account features fun street photography and has over 500,000 followers (30 photos)


Have you ever wondered how many pictures have been taken of you without realizing it? Tourists, passers-by, or even street photographers, whether on purpose or not, may have included you in their photo frame when documenting their lives at some point. Maybe a picture with you is hanging on someone’s wall or hidden away in a family album, or maybe you’re even on display in a gallery or museum.

In today’s article, we want to share some street photography that was featured by the Street Photographers Foundation, a dedicated platform for emerging photographers, artists and designers alongside famous professionals to showcase their work. In their images, the photographers have captured incidents and random encounters in public places that are interesting and sometimes fun to watch.

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The Street Photographers Foundation is entirely dedicated to street photography. Its aim is to encourage new artists to present their work by providing a platform where they can do so.

On the foundation’s website, it is said that “the subjects explored are broad, in terms of concepts, styles and techniques. We want to explore the limits and the possibilities”.

In addition to showcasing photographs by talented artists, the Street Photographers Foundation also organizes Street Photography Awards.

The winner of the 2021 Street Photography Awards series was Dimitri Mellos with his “Oblivious City” series. Maude Bardet has been announced as the winner of the single image category with “Goat auction in Nizwa”. You can view the winning photographs and the works of other finalists by clicking on here.

The Street Photographers Foundation recently released its first Street Photographers book “Why Street Photography?” which includes the best photos of contemporary street photographers and their interviews.

Among the photographers who have contributed to this book, we can find the works of Richard Sandler, Matt Stuart, Alberte Alonso Pereira, Andrés Cañal and others. For those interested, the book is available here.

The Street Photographers Foundation creative team consists of Masoud Gharaei, Iranian photographer, founder and editor-in-chief of the foundation, Nesam Keshavarz (art director), Bita Houshmand (creative director), Pouria Sarhadi (art communication) and Yasaman Dehmiani (General manager).

For more information, visit their website.


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