Three-Day Workshop on “Publishment Design and Typography” Concludes at KU


Srinagar, October 20: The three-day workshop on “Publishment Design and Typography”, at the Institute of Music and Fine Arts (IMFA) ended Thursday at the University of Kashmir.

A short video film summarizing the full program of the three-day seminar/workshop was shown during the culminating event.

The film was created by second-year applied arts student Ghulmullah, who also featured actor Rajan Kumar’s portrayal of Charlie Chaplin, which is in both the Limca and Guinness books of records.

The presentation of the film on the three-day program was well received by guests and workshop participants.

During the closing ceremony, IMFA Director Dr. Ruby Zutshi and Dean of the School of Arts, Languages ​​and Literature, Professor Adil Amin Kak paid tribute to the guests and expressed gratitude for calibrating students on various dimensions of publication design.

Nusrat Fayaz, a fine arts student, said the workshop opened their eyes as they learned about new dimensions of design, however, she stressed that their department should look beyond these brief workshops and resume programs that have been long pending, referring to the beginning of the master’s course at KU.

“The three-day workshop was eye-opening for all of us and we gained a good understanding of the design parameters. The workshop broadened our view of spectrum module design,” she said.

Another applied arts student, Aysha Jahangir, told Rising Kashmir that the workshop was a first of its kind as they were calibrated on various typography sequences.

“It was a completely new experience for me to attend the workshop. The three-day program took me through learnings that I had never experienced before, and color grading on typography was something new to me, and definitely an addition to my knowledge bank,” she says.

It should be noted that Jain Kamal, also known as Asia’s leading publication designer, was recruited by IMFA to provide young students with specialized training in publication design and typography during the three-day seminar on 18 to October 20, 2022.

Jain Kamal, who spoke to Rising Kashmir, said the event was the first of its kind in Asia and covered a variety of topics, from choosing fonts for advertisements to journalism.

The three-day event, he said, “showed a variety of design skills from a selection of images, photos or fonts for newspapers or magazines.”

Earlier, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Kashmir, Prof. Nilofer Khan, inaugurated the three-day workshop on “Publishing Design and Typography” at the Institute of Music and Fine Arts of the KU (IMFA).

Professor Nilofer Khan, in his previous address, emphasized the importance of engaging students in increasingly interactive sessions through various training programs, seminars and workshops.

IMFA officials at the closing ceremony also thanked their sponsors Gayoor Art Foundation, CP Advertisers and Infinity Pizzas for their support throughout the three-day seminar.


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