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We’ve all, at some point, worn t-shirts with messages printed on them – sometimes, to add a little quirk to our look, or maybe to send a message. Whatever the reason, the posts on the tees have always been a favorite. And the style has definitely rubbed off on fashion experts for red carpet looks, movie promotions, and even runway sets. From t-shirts to tailoring, expressing your opinion through fashion has become stylish. For fashion designer Siddhartha Bansal, the main idea behind using ‘Shake Up Wake Up’ on the waistband of one of his designs was to encourage environmental protection. “It is high time that we collectively strive to live in a better environment and to stop polluting it. I have always used fashion as a canvas to address my thoughts to a wider audience. The self-tie belt is a huge fashion trend this season, so I thought it would be fun to put a message on it, ”he adds.

Not just messages, celebrities have had their names hand painted or embroidered on their outfits. Picchika’s fashion designer Urvashi Sethi, who recently personalized the hand-painted organza saree worn by actress Kareena Kapoor Khan, believes an outfit says a lot about the person wearing it. The sari, printed with “Bebo,” Kareena’s nickname, became the talk of the town. “The Bebo Sari was a collaboration proposed by stylist and producer Rhea Kapoor. Bebo isn’t just a name, it’s an attitude. Therefore, when designing the sari, we made sure to translate the qualities of Bebo into the style of Picchika, ”Sethi explains, adding,“ We ​​decided to do some bold but delicate lettering for her name. Since this is such a striking piece, we wanted to balance it out by using a softer palette and hand-painted elements inspired by Mughal miniature paintings. These elements were then enhanced with gota embroidery.

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With fashion translating into a platform to voice your opinion, here are some unique looks that got us thinking.

Style check

“Clothes are a way of expressing yourself. We always dress according to our mood or what we are feeling at the time. What you wear says a lot about you. Thus, writing slogans or writing names on clothes is a way of expressing ourselves better, ”say Sujata and Taniya Biswas, founders of Suta. Here are some tips to keep in mind before buying hand painted sarees or blouses:

When painting by hand, the fabric on which the paint is applied becomes stiff. Therefore, when picking up hand painted clothes, make sure that the painted side is not too stiff, as there is a chance that the paint will bleed.

Choose wisely while choosing hand-painted sarees and blouses. If the quality of the paint is not good, it may come off during ironing.

If you are planning to buy in bulk or are experimenting with a new brand, purchase an item and check carefully before purchasing large quantities.

Make a statement

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When actor Sonam K Ahuja wore this pink Anamika Khanna ensemble with her name “Sonam” and the phrase “Everything is AK-OK” on it, social media became stunned by rumors the outfit was a copy. However, Sonam purged the air and wrote an article stating that A-OK is common slang that is used among people in America.

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