Valiant Crushes System With Punk Mambo # 1 Line Art Preview



In April 2019, Valiant Entertainment will become the last comic book publisher to tap into the vanished subculture of punk rock for the five-issue limited series, Punk Mambo, by the hardcore punk creative team of… * check the ratings * Cullen bunn and Adam gorham. Today, Valiant unveiled the first look at Gorham’s colorless line art for the book via very punk rock CBR EX-X-XCLUSIVE. @ # $%, they should just post it like that with no colors or letters. It would be the punk rock thing to do.

“Punk Mambo is the kind of woman who haunts the dark corners of the Valiant universe,” Bunn said in the CBR press release. “She walks a tightrope through the deepest of shadows – shadows that will devour you if they’re half the chance. She looks into the abyss… and if the abyss dares to look back, she spits at him. in the eye. “

“Oi! Oi! Oi!” Bunn continued before blowing glue, probably.

“My favorite page to draw so far has been pages 2-3 in this first issue,” Gorham added, smashing a bottle over his own head. “I saw the chance to take action rhythm and spread it out over two pages. It was a lot of fun and gave me the chance to bring it in and improve my game for this series.”

Check out the preview below and look for Punk Mambo at your local comic book store in April, provided your local comic book store is punk rock enough to carry it.

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