Yoko Ono requests photographs of women’s eyes for Leipzig retrospective



For his next exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig, Yoko Ono invited German artists to contribute a half-sculpture and women from around the world to send photographs of their eyes. Peace is power (April 4-July 7) is his largest retrospective to date in a German museum.

The exhibition, which was originally scheduled to open in 2018, has been postponed as preparations in New York and Leipzig turned out to be more complex and longer than expected, the museum said in a statement. The 86-year-old artist plans to attend the opening on April 3.

Ono has issued an invitation to German artists to participate in an “aquatic event” that will be part of the show. She asked them to provide her with a container that would form half of the sculpture, while she would provide the other half, the water.

For the Arising project, she asked “women of all ages, from all countries of the world” to send “a testimony of the harm done to you for being a woman” and a photograph, with their eyes only. , to be exhibited as part of an installation that she says will travel from Leipzig across the world.

The show will include 60 works; installations, films, works of the Fluxus movement – of which she was one of the pioneers – and rarely exhibited drawings. Ono’s last major exhibition in Germany took place six years ago at the Schirn in Frankfurt. The Leipzig exhibition is curated by Jon Hendricks, Ono’s longtime friend and collaborator, together with Alfred Weidinger, director of the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts.

Two of his first performance works, Cut piece (1964), and Piece of heaven to jesus christ (1965) will be staged during the opening on April 3. One of the highlights of the show will be that of Ono Instructions, dating from 1961, which posed the question of whether to show art if one could publish a guide on how to produce it that would give an idea of ​​its content.



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